Remember when Slack stole
Screenhero from us?

We do too, and it made us 😢.
That's why we're on a mission to replace it.

When Slack bought Screenhero, we were sure someone new would come along to make a tool specifically for pair programming.

But four years later, no one has.

That sucks, because the remaining tools like Skype and Hangouts don't give both people full keyboard and mouse control.

Have you ever tried to dictate some code for your pair to write? Or narrated a set of vim commands? Not fun.

Another problem: if you're going to type on a remote machine, the connection has to be super low-latency. This is the sort of thing that videoconferencing tools just don't care much about.

Since no one has built anything close to as good as Screenhero was, we're building its spiritual successor.

If you're sick of pairing over Skype or Hangouts, drop us your email and we’ll let you know when Tuple is ready.

Details we're sweating

Full-time control for two

Seamless mouse and keyboard control for both parties (not easy, but essential).

Snappy interactions

An obsession with ridiculously low latency (extra not easy, extra-extra essential).

Command-line friendly

A proper command-line interface (lol if your pairing tool isn't command-line driven).


A plugin system to let you customize your experience.

Frequently asked questions

What exactly are you making?

A tool for programmers to pair on the same machine regardless of their location. Both people will have full control of the machine with their own mouse and keyboard. We also plan to spend a ridiculous amount of effort on making things super low-latency. That's the sort of thing Skype will never care about, but makes an enormous difference when trying to type on a remote machine.

And who are you guys?

Ben, Joel, and Spencer; three programmers who aren't happy with the options for remote pairing out there.

What do you guys look like?

A photo of Ben, Joel, and Spencer looking friendly and trustworthy

Why is the middle guy's hair so long?

Why is your hair so long?

What's next?

Shipping a v1 to a limited alpha group. Responding to feedback. Trying to make it great.

Can I get in the alpha?

Sorry, it's invite-only for now. But if you drop your email in the box above, we'll put you on the list for a future invite.